Career Building Women. Open to Ideas
Bonfire Women

Career Building Women. Open to Ideas

Inspire Future Women Leaders on the Start of their Path

Overview: Bonfire Women seeks partners that appeal to a young woman just starting out in her career (age 22-35). Bonfire aims to inspire the younger generation and encourage them to want to be one of the women sitting around the bonfire, creating change for the future. 

About Us: Bonfire Women is dedicated to the education, mentorship, and community engagement of career building women on the path to leadership in the corporate environment. With their signature program, Bonfire Women ignite their own potential as leaders and encourage others to recognize and cultivate their own potential, ultimately helping companies retain and attract diverse talent.

Ideal Collaboration Partner(s): 

  • Partner brands should encourage wellness, intentional goal building, and future oriented success 
  • Any type of product offering will be considered in combination with a digital social media engagement. 
  • Highly engaged social audiences are preferred, especially utilizing TikTok and Instagram Reels.