Coloring Book Collab

Coloring Book Collab

Collaboration to Color Outside the Lines

Overview: Vardagen (VDGN) is searching for an imaginative and vibrant collaborator to produce a coloring book for online and storefront distribution. 

Our Stats: Full Stack Design Studio – 36K Instagram Followers – Distinctive Artistic Flair 

About Us: VDGN is a premier apparel brand with a storefront on Abbot Kinney. Our community is imaginative, seeks to stand out, and has impressive creators.

Ideal Collaboration Partner(s):

  • Ideally would have printing capabilities or relationship with publishing company to print; Vardagen would contribute design 
  • Significant social media following across platforms, specifically Instagram & TikTok 
  • Influence in the Los Angeles market
  • Open to expanding with the same partner for further activations where possible