The Cross Fit Coalition

The Cross Fit Coalition

We're forming a coalition of up to 5 brands who support Cross Fit Boxes to deliver unique experiences to serious fitness enthusiasts

Overview: We want to collab with brands who are serious about fitness and promoting healthy recovery who also appeal to Gym owners. Gym Owners love our drink as it's premium and can be used for incentives to attend more often and to work harder. If your brand appeals to Gym owners you could be a great fit for the coalition.

About Us: We make the ultimate recovery drink with everything you need and nothing you don't to recover from the world's hardest workouts. Our drink has MORE of everything you need to recover better. It is packed With 5,000 mg BCAAs and 1,000 mg BetaTOR HMB; Cowbell is complete muscle building, muscle repair, and overall recovery in one simple can.

Ideal Collaboration Partner(s): 

  • Robust social media following (Min. 20k followers collectively across platforms)
  • Have a great product nutrition, supplement or equipment and clothing that appeals to gym owners to sell on premise.
  • Any brand can apply, age and stage, no barrier, as Cowbell is for everyone who wants to recover better, so they can work out more.
  • Creative and collaborative with experience