Event Partner Wanted

Event Partner Wanted

Comedy Co-Host Collaboration Opportunity

Overview: Vardagen seeks a partner to co-host an comedy event in our storefront on Abbot Kinney. We will feature our merchandise during the event and expect that our partner(s) will want to do the same. We are open to partners who can help to design activities and feature other products during the event as well. A beverage brand from the Los Angeles area would be the ideal partner.

About Us: Vardagen is a graphic tee brand with a premier storefront on Abbot Kinney. We pride ourselves on our distinctive motifs and our incredible team with an entire design studio and screen-printing capabilities on hand to create and iterate as we go. Whether adrenaline-seekers, streetwear enthusiasts, or casual participants, one thing our community shares is a creative soul. Vardagen appeals to anyone who colors outside the lines. 

Ideal Collaboration Partner(s): 

  • A huge bonus if locally (LA) owned/operated
  • Able to activate in the next 1-3 months
  • Appeal to a 21+ crowd
  • A strong social following for cross promotion to drive ticket sales