New Product: Deodorant

New Product: Deodorant

Partner for Increased Awareness of New Product Wanted

Overview: HiBAR seeks a partner for a social media campaign to increase awareness of a new all-natural deodorant product launch. 

About Us: HiBAR is eco-friendly, all-natural haircare and skincare in solid form, without plastic packaging , or using our natural water resource. Save the planet, and look good doing it! Our customer base is looking for easy and affordable eco-friendly alternatives to their daily use products. We appeal to a younger demographic with a slightly female skew (Gen Z for the win!). 

Ideal Collaboration Partner(s):

  • Other eco-conscious brands should apply with a high preference for other plastic-free or low-waste companies
  • If your brand has any signature scents or flavors, we would be interested in collaborating on a limited time run of featured scents as a sampler pack. 
  • Should appeal to Gen Z