Seeking Teen-friendly Brands
Rodeo Dental

Seeking Teen-friendly Brands

Partner with Rodeo Dental to make Braces ~cool~ again!

Overview: Rodeo Dental & Orthodontics seeks partner brands with core audiences in the early/late teen years to attract teens to get braces at an accessible price. Aiming for a co-marketing campaign across social channels with a media friendly brand and local teen models. We want braces to become the go-to accessory for teens to spread Smile DNA™ :) !

About Us: Rodeo Dental & Orthodontics is transforming the world of dentistry into a bright, fun-filled, high-end experience. How? By combining beautiful smiles, world-class service, and magical patient engagement techniques into memorable experiences that are shared instantly with family and friends! 

Ideal Collaboration Partner(s):

  • Brand local to Texas or Colorado
  • Fashion/accessory brand for co-created merch
  • Dental accessory/hygiene brand for co-branded selfcare accessories (e.g., co-branded toiletry bags, co-branded washcloths, etc.)