Seeking Tooth Fairy Friends
Rodeo Dental

Seeking Tooth Fairy Friends

Partner with Kid-friendly Dental Company to Promote Your Product

Overview: Rodeo Dental & Orthodontics wants to partner with tooth care companies, toy companies, or medium-large scale nonprofits seeking to make a direct impact for our patients. Our partner(s) will co-brand and/or contribute to a “first tooth” package that will be donated to families in our communities. We will also co-brand a raffle for a full Tooth Fairy experience in one of our locations for a lucky child. 

About Us: Rodeo Dental & Orthodontics is transforming the world of dentistry into a bright, fun-filled, high-end experience. How? By combining beautiful smiles, world-class service, and magical patient engagement techniques into memorable experiences that are shared instantly with family and friends! 

Ideal Collaboration Partner(s):

  • Texas and Colorado companies directly serving the same communities
  • Influence positive oral health 
  • Appeal to families & young kids