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Best Super Bowl Collab

 The Main Takeaways:

  • Collabs work across channels creating engaging experiences
  • Houses of brands can collab with themselves for great effect
  • Collabs energize the brand and it's people not just their buyers's a collab!

With so many great ads at Super Bowl LVII it's hard to pick a winner. But that is exactly what the Molson Coors x Draft Kings collab ad asked you to do.

...and the winner was the power of the collab itself.

The ad, of course, was great, and the sting in the tail, a once in a blue moon event. (30 years in the making)

But the power was the collab.

Click on the ad here...and watch right to the end.

Draft Kings and Miller Coors Beer Ad
Miller Lite x Coors x Draft Kings Collab

The Miller Lite/ Coors Lite showdown was set up two weeks before the game itself with the announcement that they had partnered with Draft Kings to create a game to predict which beer would finally be featured as well as specific elements in the ad, such as how many people would have facial hair or breed of dog sitting behind the bar.

Almost 200,000 punters entered the contest by game day.

In gamifying the experience with Draft Kings, Miller/ Coors heightened anticipation for the ad with exactly the kind of people Draft Kings wants to sign up....people who get more out the game when there's a little bit of their own skin in it


When you collab with another brand on something as big-time as the Super Bowl, everyone is all in. And it showed.


This all added up to an experience, not just an ad

Creating a truly experiential 'ad' delivered across multiple platforms for four brands over a two-week period...from title-fight teaser to the knockout closer.
Draft Kings heightened the fun, Miller/Coors got people paying granular attention. Droga5, the agency, delivered an epic and enjoyable ad with a memorable twist.


There's no more cluttered environment than the Super Bowl ad schedule. And nothing breaks through quite like a collab.
From shape-shifting the format to nailing the landing this had it all. A full-on bare-knuckle romp driven by the creative energy only collabs spark. 

What lessons can you take for your collab?

First, this collab worked as a multi-week, multi-channel experience. It made sense to log into Draft Kings on your phone and create anticipation for the game which was likely watched on your big screen. Engaging across channels and brands. Draft Kings didn't feature in the ad, just the build-up.

Second, no one is in business on their own. Miller and Coors are owned by the same parent, but the brands themselves are in competition. For all kinds of reasons, it made sense to partner. The execution made the competition both fierce and fun. Make Fun the theme and bring your customers into the game.

Third, beer and gaming go together. So there's a strong semantic fit between Draft Kings and Molson Coors, making this collab not just engaging, but also satisfying. It makes sense. Great collabs make sense to customers, just as customer are making sense of them.

Want some of that magic for your brand?

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Andy Heddle
Andy, heads up our business development work here at Colaboratory. Originally from England, he married a Scot and now lives in Minneapolis with his wife and two American-born daughters.