Brands Grow Faster When They Work Together

This is our experience, our belief, and our reason for being. 

Done right, brand x brand collaborations have always been more than worth the effort: a unique and powerful way to delight customers and ignite growth.

But, as we all know, that effort has been excessive– analog, manual, even grueling– restricting the flow of dynamic, creative, impactful partnerships to the marketplace.

We believe there’s a better way– and that’s why we're on a mission to change the way marketers leverage brand x brand to increase relevance and revenue in the digital age. 

What Is Brand x Brand? 

It’s for global brands like Doritos x Taco Bell. Adidas x Gucci. And, candidly, Lego x Everyone x Everything.  

But it’s also for Outer x Solo Stove, Kane x Athletic Brewing, and Chipotle x Little League. 

Brand x Brand is for all.

It’s product-driven “collabs”, co-marketing partnerships, and even marketing coalitions that make a positive impact on society. It's a shared commitment to making everything you can out of everything you have…together.

Brand x Brand is a partnership that shows you more than a marketer could ever say; the surprise that you quietly note to yourself, “Ha..that’s pretty clever…pretty cool”.

Who We Are

We’re a small but growing community of brands, marketers, innovators, strategists, data junkies and platform-building engineers who are all inveterate, uncompromising fans of collaboration and partnership. 

No one loves collabs more than us.

What We Know

  • Brand x Brand breaks through the digital clutter

… creating surprise, delight, and brand love

  • Brand x Brand captures real, relevant customer attention

…driving meaningful revenue

  • Brand x Brand delivers incremental growth

    …at scale, while reducing costs

Where We’re Headed

No longer reliant on serendipity as strategy, the persistence of unsung practitioners to deliver against all odds, or funding as “acts of faith” vs. “acts of math”, brand x brand is ready to grow.

From today, brand x brand can expect increasingly modern infrastructure, a growing community of connected collaborators, and another voice to champion the next wave of creativity in this long standing yet increasingly relevant and powerful space.

Join us.

Andy Heddle
Andy, heads up our business development work here at Colaboratory. Originally from England, he married a Scot and now lives in Minneapolis with his wife and two American-born daughters.