Dr Martens x Heaven by Marc Jacobs

Take a moment to reflect on your teenage years: you might recall feelings of frustration, confusion, and stomping around for no apparent reason — it didn’t solve your problems, but it sure was cathartic. 

Dr. Martens x Heaven by Marc Jacobs is the perfect expression of this rebellious teenage spirit. These brands made two pairs of clunky shoes that let you stomp around without even trying. 

The brands have teamed up once before, but this time, they captured Gen Z by taking their beloved 90’s look to the extreme with an ultra-chunky edition of the Dr. Martens Mary Jane, and an even chunkier platform sandal — just in time for summer.

Young fashionistas went wild for this collaboration, and it’s easy to see why. Dr. Martens and Heaven by Marc Jacobs are a perfect pair: both brands have the authenticity that young people crave, as it’s seldom found in the fashion world (or any world, for that matter).

Dr. Martens has always appealed to younger audiences through their mission to challenge conventional style. Their clunky boots have been a teenage staple since the 60’s, but the brand really rose to fame in the 90’s, when the grunge aesthetic took hold. 

Despite the fact that most of Gen Z didn’t grow up in the 90’s (or were too young to really remember it), they have an affinity for this slightly gothic, rebellious aesthetic.  

That’s why it makes perfect sense for Dr. Martens to partner with Heaven. Born in 2020, this designer sub-brand makes colorful, soft-grunge clothing that looks like it came straight from a 90’s teenager’s closet. 

Marc Jacobs is one of the few designer brands that has been able to reach the youngsters, who are not as into designer labels as their more mature peers. That’s because this brand, like Dr. Martens, puts forth an authentic image. It was transparently created as a response to the world—just like a teenager’s stomping rage. 

On their own, these brands do a great job of mastering the 90’s aesthetic, but together, they amplify it beyond what either brand could have achieved on their own. Dr. Martens gives these 90’s-style shoes the superior quality the brand is known for, while Heaven by Marc Jacobs elevates the entire look. This collaboration drove both brands directly to their target audience and won their hearts along the way.

Kiona McCormick
Kiona has a degree in psychology and a love for writing about all things collab. She scours the web daily for new collabs to explore and write about. Her favorite Collab to date is is Olipop x Minions.