How To Write a Collab Brief

Read this short article to quickly create a brief for your collab. You can create as many briefs as you have ideas for, so have fun and use this brief to get off the sidelines and into the game. We've provided all the detail and instructions you need to have your first brief created in minutes and posted on LinkedIn today.

Your Company Description

Describe your business in simple terms, including where you trade, what your product or service provides and to whom. It isn’t necessary to provide your name (e.g. you can say National Consumer Electronics Retailer), but you can do so if you feel that will improve the response.

Company Website & Socials, (required)LinkedIn, Instagram, FB, Twitter etc. (optional)

Intended Collab Details

Partners need to know how they can help so be clear about what you are trying to achieve. Brand Awareness, Product Awareness, Promotional goals etc. Does the collaboration leverage another seasonal or promotional moment? Identify the intended outcome of your collab, and the duration with start and end dates (if applicable).

State whether the collab is a product collab, a bundle, a coalition (a combination of more than one brand), a marketing and communications collab or other form of partnership.Is the collab intended to drive a promotional period or product or does it lean more towards brand positioning (such as sustainability or a certain lifestyle like “Keto”)

Brand Requirements

If you have a preference for the type of brand, their addressable audience, active channels or other stipulations, state them. We recommend leaving this section as open as possible  to promote creativity. Most ideas do not arrive fully formed so we try to ensure we don’t censor creativity at source. It’s easy to turn potential ideas down once they have been received.

What’s in it for you (them)?

What do you see as the benefits brands will derive from working with you? Reach? Relevance? Credibility

Company Purpose

This is distinct from the company description. This describes your high level purpose and reason for being, so brands can understand not just what you do but also why you do it. This will inspire creativity and encourage a variety of collab opportunities.

Now you know how to complete your brief, post it on your social media profiles and tag Colaboratory. We'll be sure to boost it to our network, and you'll be collabing in days.

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Andy Heddle
Andy, heads up our business development work here at Colaboratory. Originally from England, he married a Scot and now lives in Minneapolis with his wife and two American-born daughters.