The easiest way to get in the collab game today

Colaboratory’s Partner Capture Tool (PCT) is the quickest, easiest and cheapest way to see what collabs can do for you.

Get in the game today. While Colaboratory provides research and strategy to many brands aiming to create comprehensive collab strategies from the “top down”. The PCT enables any brand to advertise their appetite for collabs and get intelligence from the “bottom up”. Your dedicated, branded link is available to you today, free, as part of your membership of the Colaboratory network.

Unleash collab creativity. Brands are often surprised and excited when they find out which other brands want to partner with them. Creativity and energy are unleashed when presented with a real opportunity to work with.

PCT saves time and money. Brands using PCT can test the waters and see who is interested in collabing with them before making any commitment of resources to the project. You only get to work when a worthwhile opportunity is on the table

What is it?

A tool…and a time saving service

Easy to implement

PCT a simple dedicated link to a branded contact form that you can place on your site, your social media and your email signature to advertise your intent and interest in creating collabs with other brands.

The form takes brands less than a minute to complete and details submitted are automatically updated into Colaboratory’s database.

Time saving

Our experienced team of collab specialists monitors submissions, and reaches out on your behalf to brands that submit interest to confirm timing, discuss, improve and develop ideas as well as to confirm their credentials. 

You don’t need to manage any inbound calls or requests for further information.

Simply place the link wherever you want brands to find out about you. Then sit back and let Colaboratory handle the back and forth communications.

When you get a proposition that lights you up, it’s over to you to bring it to life.

See a live example here

How do we evaluate collab opportunities?

Thumbs up or thumbs down?

Each month we provide you with a detailed report on which brands requested a collab and what they requested so you can decide whether to proceed. Our team will not only collect information but based on their knowledge of your brand and intentions we’ll make sure that every proposal is tight and easy to make a call on. Thumbs up or thumbs down?

Whichever you decide, we handle all the communications with the requesting brand and hand over the process to you at the point that you decide you’d like to take things further.

Giving you complete control over the process and the timing.

How much does it cost?

PCT is free

As a member of the Colaboratory network your PCT link and dedicated landing page is already created and waiting to be deployed.

It’s a cinch to get started and you could have the link added to your email signature and social profiles today.

How do I get started?

Copy and paste the note below and email to 

Please send me my brand’s PCT short link and embed code today so I can create a personalized landing and intent capture page to advertise our interest in working with brands to collab. 

I can’t wait to divide my costs while multiplying our impact through collabs.

Andy Heddle
Andy, heads up our business development work here at Colaboratory. Originally from England, he married a Scot and now lives in Minneapolis with his wife and two American-born daughters.