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Build better brand x brand collabs from start to finish

From uncovering great brand matches all the way through activating against partnership campaigns, Colaboratory brings data, science, and efficiency to the collab process.
Colab launchpad

Kick start awesome collabs

Get a clear understanding of where to start based on your brand’s goals, all supported by data and science. With our CoLab Launch Pad, you can build smarter, strategic collabs with rich brand profiles and matches, audience validation, influencer alignment, and more.
Comfirmatory Report

Assess partners using science and data

Move forward with brand collabs and partnerships with confidence. The Colaboratory Confirmatory Report evaluates prospective brands to help you understand overlapping audiences, brand reputation, and whether partnerships align to your brand’s overarching strategy.
CoLab Design and Blueprints

Activate tried-and-true playbooks

Bring brand collabs to life with strategic playbooks. From cross-selling to co-marketing, each playbook includes guidance on collab channels, budget allocation, and testing cadence to pave the way for deeper engagements with the right audiences.

Dive into the collab community

Find inspiration, stay up-to-date, and read about the latest and greatest current collabs by accessing our content library right in the product.

A few happy collaborators

“Collabs change everything. You leverage brand assets and brand equity.”
Tony Weisman
Former CMO, Dunkin

A few happy collaborators

“We believe brand collabs drive outsized impact. It’s like 1+1=4...Our assets, their assets. All working together.”
Deena Ghazarian
CEO, Austere

A few happy collaborators

“Brand x Brand partnerships help you access exclusive marketing assets that drive ROI.”
Raquel Graham
Founder & CEO, Roq Innovation
Shark Tank Winner
Oprah's Favorite Things

Create x Collaborate

Don’t just play nice with others — grow with them.