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Dedicated experts to make every collab efficient x effective

Partner with our experts to guide and activate strategic collabs so you can grow even faster. Whether you need a lot of support or a little, we have options to help you every step of the way.
Get Started

Access your Brand x Brand collaboration readiness

Identify what’s currently working, what’s not, and who you should be targeting. You’ll get clear insights based on current media campaigns, team surveys, research, and more, so you can move forward and collaborate with confidence.
ramping up

Learn, grow, and do more with expert advice

Lean on our experts to provide guidance, recommendations, and advice on picking partners, which campaigns to execute, and more. Ask us anything — and think of us as your brand collab experts.
in the thick of it

Custom collabs designed just for you

Sometimes, the most effective option is a collab designed just for your brand. With our custom collabs, you’ll receive a strategic, personalized plan created by a collab expert that considers your campaign goals, which brands you should partner with, and the collab that makes it all come together like magic.
Keep the momentum going

Simplify your program management

Leave the frustrating part of collabs to us. We’ll manage timelines, resources, and all the other moving parts, so you can focus your time on uncovering your next great collab.
Fueling the Flywheel

Understand what’s working and where to lean in

Learn, iterate, repeat. We help you measure your collabs, analyze the results, and kick off your next collab with even more data and learnings to generate growth.

A few happy collaborators

“Collabs change everything. You leverage brand assets and brand equity.”
Tony Weisman
Former CMO, Dunkin

A few happy collaborators

“We believe brand collabs drive outsized impact. It’s like 1+1=4...Our assets, their assets. All working together.”
Deena Ghazarian
CEO, Austere

A few happy collaborators

“Brand x Brand partnerships help you access exclusive marketing assets that drive ROI.”
Raquel Graham
Founder & CEO, Roq Innovation
Shark Tank Winner
Oprah's Favorite Things

Create x Collaborate

Don’t just play nice with others — grow with them.